Thursday, August 6, 2009


I didn't believe all the great things I had heard about our annual conference. We've all attended one conference or another during our working career. Well, let me tell you right now how wrong I was. This wasn't a conference. This was the world's biggest slumber party!!! Imagine nearly 6,000 of your best girlfriends all gathered in one place to celebrate. There was food, wine, socializing, training, industry celebs and personal heroes (I love Karen Wilson, Edie McBean, and Frenttress Villani). It was amazing.

I'm not a fan of crowds so just imagine my stress level when the main event was about to start. It was like that event in Spain. You know the one w/the bulls. But once I got into that room, I felt like a kid in an unlocked candy store and I had all the time in the world. I could just try on as much or as little of the jewelry as I wanted. It was fun to people watch, too. The looks on the faces of my 'sisters' were priceless. It's what they wait all year for. This was my first year so I was just trying to take it all in.

You might want to know what I liked the most about this event. It wasn't the prizes or the jewelry (okay, this year's catalog is fabulous!!!!!) or the food. It was the friendships. One minute you think you're alone and the next you're surrounded by friends for life. The other thing I loved were the clothes. I'm surprised I don't have whiplash from all the great outfits that people wore to showcase the wonderful jewelry.

Til next time!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Dagnabbit! I lost my favorite bracelet yesterday. It was the first one I 'bought' with my free jewelry. I loved the silver beads interspersed with gray freshwater pearls. It was a great everyday piece. On top of it all, my beloved bracelet is being retired. I do hope that the company is going to come up with a fabulous item to replace it. I don't know how though.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A New Year, A New Me

What new year? What do you mean? It's almost July! That's right. The end of the fiscal year is almost upon us. And this year, I've decided to take advantage of that. I'm evaluating this year's performance. I'm looking at the available training and planning what classes to take in the near future. I'm gearing up for national conference. Also, reading, researching and preparing to recruit are activities that I am currently engaged in. To be a top sales rep, I'm the only one responsible for my success. However, I have an obligation to my team leader to produce. And I don't want to disappoint. In the next few days, I'll be re-committing to my goals. Will post them here for all to see.